Interest calculator, to calculate your interests, Interestrate online tool for free.
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Interest calculator, to calculate your interests.

With the calculation of regular payments only, set the capital stock 0, or set the regular monthly savings 0. Subsequently an example: capital stock and regular savings is pre-determined. The interest credit takes place p.a., the results are rounded.

Interest calculator, to calculate your interests.

capital stock - once amount:  $/€/£
your regular monthly deposit:  $/€/£
annual percentage rate: %
total term: months

interests (total term):  $/€/£
total:  $/€/£

Little helpful interest calculator for the calculation of interests. Idle for example to compare the interests of consolidated money or day-to-day deposits. With negative amount, it corresponds the regularly monthly taken out payment. The calculated total is the remaining amount (capital consumption).