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Credit, debt with timewise delayed repayment

Credit, derived from the Latin credere 'believes' and creditum 'this on good faiths is the shrinkage of a debt with timewise delayed repayment. The credit canvasser's credit balance corresponds to the demand of the lender. A credit is called also loan. It is an outside capital and causes interest, that decreases the profit and incriminates the liquidity of the business.

The height of the credit is expressed in a sum of means of payment units (money, currency). Details belong to a credit agreement like: Term and repayment modalities, interest receivable, possible disagio and processing fees and the guarantee for the lender.

In the economic activity following credit types are distinguished:

--> the term
- short-term, z. B. Secured advance,
- medium-term
- long-term credits

--> the securance
- unsecured (blank credit)
- collateral credits, for ex. morgage, discount credit, security credit,

--> the height
- private loans
- big credit
- million credit

--> after the type of the preparation
- Cashcredit, for ex. credit on current account (current account advance)
- commercial credit

--> the application
- consumer credit, for ex. installment credit
- productive credit, for ex. operating fund credit

and lenders
like bank credit, supplier's credit, employer loans, relative loans or public credit.